14 July 2021 @ 8:27 AM – 1 September 2021 @ 8:00 AM
All JSTKD Classes
Cardiff & the Vale
Joe Schembri
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Team Jstkd 
First off I’d like to welcome all new students to the Clubs & our team. 
We have been running for many years now, our classes started in Rhoose & Whitchurch then we spread to Barry, Sully, Wenvoe , Dinas & Llantwit Major.
We have been through a lot over the years but especially the last 12 months or so, with COVID the lockdowns, Zoom’s & not forgetting family fitness (which I miss :))
This week there is news that we are going back to some normality & with all the vaccinations going out it looks like it may stay this way.
I can thank you enough for the support you all have given me & the clubs, it’s a cliché but without the support of all of you I & JSTKD would not be here today. 
In saying all this we are just getting going, we are set to have our Grading this Friday for the Colour belts & the British Champs will go ahead later this year.
Below is some info regarding our Sumer closure & class times etc.. 
Thank you all again & please shout out to me for any help or information for you or your child.
This morning I sent out a text to all the students grading, if you did not receive one please let me know. 
Our timings are – 
White – Green Stripes 6-6.45pm / Green & above 6.50-7.30pm 
On the day you will be shown where to drop your child off & where to collect, unfortunately with the school rules we cannot have spectators, this may change over the next months. 
Some people have paid Cash & I have registered you, logged your payment. 
Those that have requested the card be charged will happen on Friday as we do not know with all the isolations exactly who will show on the day.
Please do not worry, contact me at any time to let me know if you cannot make the grading. 
Lastly if you are reading this & your child is in our Ninja program, we will run a graduation for them late September & you will all get an email explaining what this is about when we return from the Summer break.
As we do every year we will close the last 2 weeks of August dates are as follows – 
Last class will be Thursday the 12th August & we will return on Wednesday the 1st of September. 
Wenvoe & Whitchurch are term time clubs, that means that they close this week with the schools & return in September, if you want your child to attend another class over the next weeks please contact me , also if your child is at the grading then you may want to see if they’ve passed & get their new belt & certificate, so again please get in touch. 
Holiday times & classes 
Over the next weeks classes go really quiet so we mix some of the classes – 
Monday –  Barry TKD &  Ninja’s – All Monday classes will stay at the same times 
Tuesday – No classes as its term time clubs.
Wednesday – Dinas Powys – Ninjas 4-4.30pm (normal time) Mixed classes 4.40-5.40pm (all students together) 
Thursday – Sully TKD will be a mixed class 4.30 – 5.30pm Barry will run as normal 6-7pm
So please follow the above time table until the week commencing the 16th August & then please note that all classes will resume from Wednesday the 1st of September. 
So aside from the time I see you all in classes & at the grading, have the best next Summer months & let’s get ready to start making some real goals for 2021-2022. 
All the best from Me & JSTKD 
Joe Schembri  🙏
JSTKD Summer Newsletter & Closures 2021

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